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At ClearView Financial Strategies, we believe everyone should be able to live the retirement they’ve always wanted. At ClearView Financial Strategies, we offer a wide range of financial planning and wealth management services focused on individuals who are in or nearing retirement age. We pride ourselves on developing thorough, written retirement plans and micromanaging every aspect of your retirement, so that you can rest easy, knowing that your assets are protected and you will have enough money to last the rest of your life.

The ClearView Retirement Roadmap

Using the ClearView Financial Strategies 5-step plan, we’ll examine your current financial situation and determine your retirement needs. Receive a custom retirement roadmap to help you reach your unique retirement goals.


Step 1: Income Planning

On your ClearView Retirement Roadmap, we’ll evaluate your current income situation and expenses to ensure they are sustainable for your life. Next, we’ll make sure that we have maximized your Social Security, looked into your pension options and decisions, and planned for a premature death of a spouse, inflation and other considerations that are critical for your income plan.

Step 2: investment Planning

Depending on your risk tolerance and risk capacity, we’ll create portfolios that are customized to your overall financial goals. By being an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are not tied in with a large “wire house” institution, which means we can offer a universe of funds and equities to create cost-efficient and high-quality portfolios.

Step 3: Tax Planning

The main goal of our tax planning is to generate more tax diversification. This means that we’ll assess your current tax liability, whether it is income taxes, capital gain taxes or estate taxes and develop strategies to minimize the taxes you pay during your retirement, as well as when passing on your wealth to the next generation.

Step 4: Health Care Planning

Understanding the health care system can be overwhelming. Whether you are trying to retire before Medicare, on Medicare, or concerned about the high costs of long-term care, we take the time to ensure that you know your options and create a plan that matches your health and budget.

Step 5: Legacy Planning

By working collaboratively with estate planning attorneys, we can help maximize the amount that your loved ones will inherit, help control how the money is to be given and minimize the taxes that are paid.

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It’s never too early to start planning for your future. Whether you want to save to buy a home, pay off your student loans or start building your nest egg, we can help you get strategies in place to put you on the right path.

We can help you with:

  • Build a savings plan
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Planning for debt removal
  • Grow your money using a diversified investment portfolio
  • Protecting yourself from financial risk

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